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Project Overview

MOVING project overview

MOVING platform demo

MOVING project overview
(November 2016)
MOVING Use Case: Financial Auditors MOVING Use Case: MA, PhD Students and researchers

MOVING platform tutorials 2018-2019

Data Visualization Search Engines Data mining
MOVING MOOC Videolectures.NET Chapters WevQuery
LODatio+ v2 URank v2 Concept Graph v2
Adaptive Training Support (ATS) v2 Lecture Video Linking Video analysis service
LODatio+ URank (March 2018) Concept Graph
ATS (March 2018) Search Features (March 2018)

Partner presentations

MOVING lecture at Open Education Design – Course for Practitioners 2018 MOVING platform demonstration at OER Congress 2017 (Satellite event) Video understanding and search technologies presentation at OER Congress 2017 (Satellite event)
OER and new approaches in organizational and institutional development presentation at OER Congress 2017 (Satellite event) Strategy Building for a Knowledge Repository with a Novel Expert Information Fusion Tool

MOVING technologies presentations 2016-2017

MOVING platform
(September 2017)
Lecture Video Linking Demo (September 2017) WevQuery Demo
(June 2017)
EconBizRecSys Demo
(June 2017)