Registration for the MOVING MOOC is open!
Registration for the MOVING MOOC is open!

MOVING is organising a MOOC on “Science 2.0 and open research methods”. In the MOOC young scholars will learn to use web-based social technologies and online communities not just as objects of study, but also as way of conducting research: to build networks, discuss findings, and collaborate with scholars across disciplinary, cultural and geographical boundaries. Participants of the MOOC will learn how the use of social technologies together with movements like Creative Commons offer entirely new ways to publish, share, discuss and reproduce scientific findings and data. Mastering these social technologies and web-based tools will provide them with the opportunity to create scholarly innovations and make their own scientific findings accessible to a broader public.
The MOOC starts November 12th, 2018 on the MOVING platform. For more information watch this short video: and follow the MOOC organisers on Twitter @MoMoSci20. Register for the MOOC on:


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